Two Fingers, 2018, 2” x 12”
Faux fur, acrylic on resin.
Sapphic Laundry Basket, 2018, Dimensions Variable
Plaster and mixed media on intimate items

Chartreuse, 2018, 9”x2”x4”
Faux fur, acrylic on polymer clay

Images and text by Hannah Boone of https://www.Hb00ne.com


Hannah Boone was born in Maine and grew up in the coastal Damariscotta area. She received her BFA in painting from the Maine College of Art in 2016 and currently lives in Portland. Boone mashes together and distorts found objects in order to explore and play with the queer, the abject and the uncanny. Sex becomes a vehicle for humor and playfulness in her work. Referencing corporeal form, (a nubby texture, a stray dildo or finger) Boone's pieces present themselves as fragmented, cheeky bodies. She wants her work to threaten to touch the viewer, as well as beg to be touched in return. At its core, her practice explores the connections she finds between painting, sculpture and queer sexuality through interpreting the body as an object of pleasure.