Jesus is his role model. Under normal circumstances, this would mean Nikos was a kind and gentle Christian. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Nikos had been living a joyful life, before he ran out of luck. Soon after he got fired, his wife left him. She must have guessed it or maybe she smelled the first traces of misfortune. Misfortune smells from afar to the careful observer, who usually runs away, in case unluckiness proves to be contagious. In spite of his efforts, he didn’t find another job. He could have blamed the crisis. Instead he chose to take the blame.
Nikos has never been what you would call a “saint”. It wasn’t meritocracy that had granted him the position in the company. He knew all the right people and was smart enough to use his acquaintances when needed. His precious friends could not help him this time though.
In a nutshell, current events have proven he’s been short of luck. He keeps on searching for ways to replenish the gas tank. You have to be either kind or smart enough to deserve good fortune. Judging by his past, kindness is not his strong point.
In his country, people make a special cake that they cut and share with loved ones on new year’s day. Let’s call it new year cake. They put a little coin inside, which grants luck to the one who finds it. Lately, despite the name, new year cakes have not been restricted exclusively for new year’s day. Every organization, company, or corporation traditionally has to have one. The ritual used to involve only family members and friends, but things have changed; while people used to pretend to only like family and friends, they now pretend to like each other, even when they just work together, or share a common cause. Since the first day of the year is an official holiday, the cutting of the special cake is postponed, as late as into early March, depending on time availability and obligations.
Nikos has been down on his luck for so long, that desperate measures are needed. He’s on the run to gain more luck now. He’s looking desperately for new year cake events.

Jesus is his role model. According to the tradition, the first piece of the cake always goes to Jesus. That’s how he must have gathered all his luck.

If we think of time as relative, considering that the past, present and future are happening right now simultaneously, then we could easily reach the conclusion that Jesus was lucky enough to be resurrected thanks to the fame he acquired after his death - or better - because of his death and resurrection.
And since that happened, his fame was enormous enough to make him a well known and adored person, with many people dedicating a piece of the new year cake to him, so that he has earned many coins in many new year cakes in the course of history, resulting in him having all the luck of the world by his side, thus gaining immortality through the famous resurrection.
Nikos might live to attend eighty to ninety such cake events in his life at the most, maybe some more if he socializes more often and gets invited to some more events. Even if he wins all the coins, the luck he will gather will not be enough to grant him resurrection or immortality of any kind. His is a lost case. Jesus has the lead.
Nikos doesn’t feel outsmarted by Jesus, although he obviously should.

Jesus is his role model. Nikos doesn’t seek immortality after all. He just wants a job. A few more enchanted coins and the gas tank will be refilled.

By Mileva Anastasiadou