The beginning of Summer,
Heady and warm.
Compelled by desires
Greater than myself.
Obsessed, but bright faced
And pretty as a Summer sprite.
The game of love,
Is the greatest beautifier.
Brings lustre to your eyes
And roses to your cheeks;
All the better to ensnare you with.

Could’ve had anyone,
But needed you,
Wanted you,
Simply had to have you.
The fun is in the chase,
The desire,
The attention,
The excitement,
The moment you conquer your prize.
On top of the world,
So brilliantly alive,
It’s almost more than life.

What about now my dear?
What has become of us now?
I feel caged,
Beating my wings.
I want to soar!
The restlessness in the pit of my being.
We can be so much.
Why don’t we try?
Don’t build me into your life.
I am not a picture to be hung on your walls.
I am not a door to be hung casually
In the entrance of your sacred spaces.

With me your life can no longer be the same.
I am an earth shaker.
A natural disaster.
Tearing your walls apart
And beckoning,
With one finger
Urging you onwards.
New horizons await.
New lives to be built
In togetherness.
In ‘we’.
In ‘us’.
In ‘ours’.

Get out of the rut.
We have worlds to build!
We have love to make;
The sweet, thick sugar coating
Of this cake called life.

On dark candlelit nights
Our shadows make love on the walls,
Mirroring their counterparts.
In these moments,
Don’t go so fast.
Don’t anticipate the end,
The rush of release.
The intoxication we get trapped in,
But leaves us empty,
Like a glass that wants to be filled;
Constantly disappointed at the vast
Hollow space inside.

Slow down…
Look me in the eyes.
Only there can we see
Each other’s secret universes,
With the uniqueness of thumbprints.
Read the mystery of my soul.
It is a book that wants to be read by you,
Touched by you,
Wrapped in you.

It is all about the loving.
Not two bodies,
The merging as one.
Use your lips, use your hips,
Use your hands.
Don’t miss a spot.
Don’t miss a moment.

I’ll tell you a secret.
There’s a way to love me how
I need to be loved.
Don’t burn in the flames of frustration,
I’ll teach you how,
Just follow my lead.

Read the language of my body not my lips.
Words are inadequate.
Yet, they are my vessel of the moment.
My love letter to you.
Only because I felt compelled to write,
Similarly to how I was compelled to you.

Impulsively drawn to you,
Wanting to be consumed by you.
A need to know what you tasted like,
What it felt like to be pinned under you,
To be your sweet prey.
How it felt to ride by your side,
What your brand of love felt like,
What your skin smelt like at 3 A.M.
In love drenched sheets.

Now I know. And I want more.
One day I will leave your life.
As softly as a wisp of a shadow.
The time I do not know.
Till our lungs cease to breathe?
Only the invisible threads of
The tapestry of our lives know.
But before I slip away,
Be that near or far,
Hold on to me tightly.
Know me.
Love me every moment of every day.
Don’t make love mundane.
Because love isn’t mundane,
It’s magic.

Is there point in this narrative?
No, nor literary merit.
It is nothing,
But feeling poured on a page.
No point,
Just the desperate longing for you
To see a bit of my heart.

You see, owning a heart is a lonely business.
It is my burden to bear.
A glorious paradise,
Made of the very essence of the universe.
But it is mine only.

I just wish to share it with you.

By Katie Diem