It is evening and the sun begins to set as the sky is shifting into red. A soft breeze sweeps the curtains in a small and sweaty hospital room where two men; a doctor and an officer, discuss the state of the patient laying in the bed.

OFFICER: Give me the news!

DOCTOR JUAN: Take a sit. I’m afraid it’s not looking good, he’s already mentioned the title and seems to be tearing down the fourth wall in a delirious fit of mise-en-abyme.

OFFICER: W-what are you saying?

DOCTOR JUAN: Damn it man, the patient is dead, can’t you see! This is just temporary life-support, a tale to tell the gullible citizens in order to keep our masters’ megalomaniac sense of self-worth and saviour complex intact.

OFFICER: Jesus christ, get a grip! You’ll find yourself in a world of hurt if you don't fix this.

DOCTOR JUAN: Look. Now both you and I know exactly what is going to happen.

OFFICER: You’re not supposed to do this, he will hear you!

DOCTOR JUAN: Just listen! If we both keep like th-

Two men dressed in dark suits with stern looks enter from the right side and puts a black bag over Doctor Juan’s head. They punch him multiple times in the stomach and proceed to drag him out of the room. Doctor Tsu enters from the right side and takes a quick glance around the room, straightens his doctor's robe and then walks to the spot where Juan stood.

OFFICER: Give me the news, doctor Tsu!

DOCTOR TSU: Take a sit. I’m afraid it’s not looking good. The disease is rapidly spreading through the dear leader's body. Initial symptoms can be seen by facial flushing, surely you can you see that he is turning red?

OFFICER: W-what are you saying?

DOCTOR TSU: He is very ill. Later stages of the illness will decrease motor-function of the neocortex and temporal lobe. The patient will suffer a slow degradation of logic and syntax. Basically he’ll slowly become a vegetable , a man lost in unintelligible mumbling.

OFFICER: Jesus christ, get a grip! You’ll find yourself in a world of hurt if you don't fix this.

DOCTOR TSU: Well, you have to understand, there is no cure at the moment. This is a juvenile disease that most youths grow out of as they enter adulthood. But in some cases it seem to linger and grow. It can be linked to a genome that over-produces red blood cells which eventually attack and kill white blood cells in the spinal cord. It’s a variant of Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia.

OFFICER: But without a cure what remains to be done? Something must be done! The nation will crumble without dear leaders hand to guide us.


OFFICER: Don’t waste precious time! Speak!

DOCTOR TSU: There is an experimental treatment technique called Limpieza Social currently being developed by a team of leading experts in Russia. But I hesitate to recommend it. It’s quite an unorthodox treatment but trials are showing promising results in slowing the effects of the disease.

OFFICER: Russia you say, I thought germans we’re leading in the field?

DOCTOR TSU: Yes, but their study was ended prematurely before they could reach a final solution. The russians took over.

OFFICER: Well, let’s not beat around the bush. What has to be done?

DOCTOR TSU: Kill the poor.

OFFICER: Kill the poor?

DOCTOR TSU: Yes, exactly. We kill the poor.

There is silence, the officer stares in disbelief at the audience.

OFFICER: Didn’t we try that with Fascism?

DOCTOR TSU: Yes, yes but this is Acute Communism. This time it will work much better.

OFFICER: Are you sure? I think i’d like a second opinion on this.

Doctor Tsu calls out to a nurse. After a while doctor Trées enters the room.

DOCTOR TRÉES: Yes, what seems to be the problem Dr.Tsu.

DOCTOR TSU: We need a second opinion.

DOCTOR TRÉES: Let me have a look at him.

OFFICER: Please doctor, we will do anything we just need to be sure.

Doctor Trées examines the patient.

DOCTOR TRÉES: Swelling in the face. Alteration of behavioral patterns. Heart-rhythm follows the movements of L'Internationale. I’d say a clear case of Communism, have you tried killing the poor yet?

DOCTOR TSU: That is what I recommended, I’d say a 10 to 15 percent cull would do?

DOCTOR TRÉES: Sounds good. Might I also suggest a complement suppression of free speech, symbolic executions of journalists as well as re-educating the youth.

There is silence, the officer stares in disbelief at the audience.

OFFICER: What about his family? What will they say!

DOCTOR TSU: Oh yes the family, good thing you mentioned them, it is best to put them in seats of power as soon as possible, that helps relieve anxiety.

OFFICER: Okay! Okay! I’ll order the troops to start roun-

A sudden crash and commotion. The walls of the set breaks down. Doctor Juan storms the stage, behind him follows the revolutionary guard led by Roland Barthes. Doctor Juan draws a gun and shoots the stage manager.

Soldiers start lining up stagehands and draping nooses around their necks. As they string up the men, a choir of angels descends from the stage ceiling chanting the words “La-za-rus” repeatedly.

The patient throws off the hospital garments and rise from his bed revealing him to be Fidel Castro.

FIDEL CASTRO: Life is long! But the struggle eternal!

ROLAND BARTHES: Death to subtlety!

REVOLUTIONARY GUARD: Viva la vida! Vive la lucha! Vive la revolucion!

Roland Barthes and Fidel Castro embrace each other in a hug and start french-kissing.

End scene.