There was a tremendous thunderstorm, followed by a chorus of crickets,
I understood, it was the climate’s way
of telling me the absence of punctuation is a strategy to suggest
the long-breath continuity and interconnectedness of things

exploring the different direct to video landscapes of Los Angeles,
there can always be a surprise on the other side,
wake up one morning able to hear all the languages
though the distractions and numbness rarely turn into feeling

what are our consolations? The oracles of fried food,
now, I sit in my hot apartment with my children and pretend
we are in the woods, where we are pirates
discovering how the whole history of the Caribbean is macabre

at the end of my street is some indecipherable graffiti
possibly the map for city that is still very new and strange to me
coordinated with grids of loneliness and anonymity,
someone made it up to survive, rain saturates me, and I ignite it with a title

By Benjamin Nardolili